Education in Mind

Education in Mind is an education programme for young people and is part of ‘Dorset Mind Your Head’.  Currently we can provide input into school assemblies, PHSE lessons or similar in order to help educate young people (and their teachers) in positive mental health.

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We are currently fundraising to expand our Education in Mind Training programme as part of our ‘Dorset Mind Your Head’ campaign.

We need to raise £76,000 to deliver our expanded education programme, part of the £330,830 we are trying to raising for the entire campaign.

Education in Mind is a key part of the programme aimed at educating young people, their carers, teachers, friends and family about being mentally healthy and learning new skills to develop resilisence. Our new programme will include:

  • Assemblies/Bite-size for all ages from 11 – 25: Resilience, Mindfulness and Mental Health Awareness
  • PHSE Lessons from 11- 19: Good Mental Health and How to Keep it: and what happens when it’s not so good…
  • Modular Education Programme up to 1 hour per week over 9 weeks – education in life skills and building resilience:
    • Emotions
    • Stigma
    • Boundaries
    • Resilience
    • Anxiety and Stress
    • Relationships
    • Self image/Self esteem
    • Mindfulness
    • Specific Conditions e.g. Autism & Aspergers, Schizophrenia, Bi-polar
  • Drop in sessions: Answering those difficult questions…
  • Online forums: An online place to learn from peers anonymously and safely
  • Ambassadors: Training mentors to act as role models for good mental health and recovery from mental health difficulty

For more information on how you can fundraise to help us deliver ‘Dorset Mind Your Head’ visit our Youth Services page.