Wellbeing in Mind (LGBTI)

Wellbeing in Mind (LGBTI) is a series of FREE LGBTI Courses that will promote and develop acceptance within the community and ensure better cohesion.

Who is Wellbeing in Mind (LGBTI) for?

If you can answer YES to all of the following questions, then these courses are suitable for you:

Do you live in Dorset and are over 19?
Are you a member of the LGBTI community?
Are you experiencing mild to severe Mental Health problems?

Click here for the course leaflet.

What’s covered?

Each course runs for 6 weeks, and consists of a 3-hour session per week.  Subjects covered include the following:

  • Common LGBTI challenges to wellbeing and shared experiences.
  • Relaxation training, stress and anxiety management, including distress tolerance.
  • Connecting thoughts and feelings to body and behaviour.
  • Challenging negative thoughts, beliefs and the impact of barriers.
  • Social intimacy/anxiety in relationships and setting healthy boundaries.
  • Identifying potential or historic setbacks and challenges.
  • Developing emotional resilience and assertiveness.
  • Self-esteem and confidence building, identifying positive qualities and beliefs.
  • Goal setting, life-planning, decision making.

A happy working partnership…

We are working in partnership with Skills & Learning to deliver the FREE Wellbeing in Mind (LGBTI) courses throughout Dorset.  The training will take place at the following locations: Bournemouth, Bridport, Christchurch, Dorchester, Poole and Weymouth.

To find out more about the course timetable, please see the link on the left.

Why don’t you come and join us on one?

For more details, please contact us on 01202 551660, or via email: courses@dorsetmind.uk.

You can also download a registration form to send to us here.