Families, Young People and Children

For details of local mental health organisations for young people aged under 18 please see our Youth Services Directory.

Aim Community

Aim Community is a creative arts, education and mentoring charity based in Bournemouth and Poole. Bespoke support packages are provided for 7-19 year olds. Young people are given a variety of creative arts experiences to reach their potential and enhance their creativity.

Hope For Food

Hope For Food is a charity based in Bournemouth set up and run by volunteers.  Hope for Food is dedicated to helping the homeless and disadvantaged.  They do this through food and care packages, soup kitchens and surplus food distribution.

You can also find their Facebook page here.

Safe Date

Safe Date is a free healthy relationship programme for young people across the UK. Safe Date provides domestic abuse training education and offers free preventative workshops for education establishments in order to raise awareness and understanding.


SMILE is a community group and support network which aims to support lone parent families.  SMILE increases confidence, self-esteem and resilience of parents and children in lone parent families.

They offer a variety of services including one-to-one support and group activities. Many community events are also run by SMILE.

The Listening Ear

The Listening Ear is a counselling and training service based in Bournemouth which provides a range of courses including therapeutic counselling and bespoke services.

Young Minds

Young Minds provides a voice for young people’s mental health and wellbeing. As one of the UK’s leading charities, they are committed to improve the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

They also support parents to help their children through difficult times, and equip professionals to provide the best possible support to the young people that they work with.

There is a wealth of information on the website.

Youth Access

Youth Access is an advice and counselling network. It is a national membership organisation for information, advice and counselling services for young people. 

Guide to UK Benefits

There is also a really handy UK Benefits Guide, updated for 2017, which you can see here.  It lists the most significant benefits you could be entitled to.  If you meet the detailed criteria, you should certainly state your claim and receive the support you deserve.

If you are unsure of any details or have a question, your local Citizens Advice would be able to help you.