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How to Relax – 8 relaxation tips for your mental health

What is CBT? Making sense of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Controlling my Anxiety with Parkrun

Couch to 5K – A Boost for My Mind and Body

Making Sense of Sectioning

Mind: What We Do

Jo Brand’s Christmas Message

Hearing Voices and Hallucinations: Juno’s Story

How to Manage Your Mood With Food: 8 Tips

Gender Identity and Hearing Voices: Lilith’s Story

Elefriends: Getting Active

We Are Mind

In Our Own Words: When I Talked To My Friends And Family

Mental Health: In Our Own Words

MIND By Bethan Jenkins AM

Implementing an Effective Mental Health Policy

Ecotherapy in Action

Taking Care of Business Campaign – Line Manage Q&A

Ecotherapy: An Introduction

5 Ways to get moving and feel better

Mental Health Public Information Film

I had a black dog, his name was depression

Making the hidden visible

Mind webinar: ‘HR policies for improving mental wellbeing and employee engagement’

Managing Mental Health in Tough Times

Welcome to Elefriends

Sowing Seeds of Sanctuary

Terry’s Experience of depression and anxiety

Daily Stigma

Paul’s story: Ecominds and Wellbeing Comes Naturally

Jill’s story: Ecominds and Wellbeing Comes Naturally

Gareth’s story: Ecominds and Wellbeing Comes Naturally

Elizabeth’s experience of crisis care

Crisis help – traumatised even more

Crisis help – turned away

Penny’s story – my experience of crisis care.mov

Video of walking along beach

How the creative arts helped Kate cope with depression

Feel better outside, feel better inside: Ecominds

Dolly’s experience with psychosis and CBT

This is Mind

Marina’s Story

Put on a happy face

Mind Debt and mental health video

Beachcombing as ecotherapy

Game of Thrones Star – Maisie Williams