Apps for Wellbeing and Mental Health

These days so many of us use apps in our everyday life for anything from shopping to entertainment to travel, but have you thought about using them to support your wellbeing and mental health?

Listed below are some ‘Free’ apps to get you started.  Whilst these apps are free to download do make sure you check out any costs involved in running them and check compatability with your device.

This app teaches a deep breathing technique useful in fighting anxiety and stress.
big-white-wall-appBig White Wall
This is a community application where people suffering from various mental illnesses can come together and talk about their problems with support from trained therapists.
The app can be used on its own to help reduce stress or in combination with other therapies.
calm-harm-appCalm Harm
This app provides tasks that help you resist or manage the urge to self-harm.
code-blueCode Blue
This app provides teenagers struggling from depression or bullying with support when they need it.
depression-cbtDepression CBT
This app helps you monitor your moods with an assessment test. It provides several resources to help combat your depression. Medication Guide
This app will help you identify medications, learn about side effects and potential interactions, and track your dosage.
Supportive Online Community where users can post updates and share stories and photos.
For students. Tips for students to help deal with stresses of student life
Five ways to wellbeingFive ways to wellbeing
Reflect on wellbeing, set activities and track progress
This app is like your personal mindfulness coach and helps you stay more present and positive throughout the day.
The first time you open Happify, you’re prompted to select an option that best meets your needs, whether it's finding more “me” time or getting better at handling stress.
Headspace is target by anyone who wants to learn meditation to reduce anxiety and stress. It improves their attention and awareness and is good for a beginner to establish a regular meditative routine.
health-through-breath-appHealth Through Breath
Health Through Breath is one app that attempts to soothe your mind and body through relaxation.
This is an app to target symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Lantern combines cognitive behavioral therapy techniques with advice from real experts.
medical-disease-dictionaryMedical Disease Dictionary
Medical Disease dictionary is an offline dictionary of disease terms, disorder with details about diagnosis, treatment, syndrome, signs and symptoms.
meditation-studio-appMeditation Studio
Meditation Studio offers meditations catered to your needs, whether it’s anxiety, stress, happiness, or gratitude.
MindShift will help you learn how to relax, develop more helpful ways of thinking. It helps identify active steps that will help you take charge of your anxiety.
MoodKit includes activities to boost your outlook immediately, a thought checker to monitor your moods, and a journal for you to help work through your emotions.
moody-me-appMoody Me
You can use the happy photos feature to snap shots of things that make you happy and create galleries to view as slideshows when you’re feeling blue.
my-diet-coach-appMy Diet Coach
My Diet Coach helps to track your exercise and diet, and find tips, reminders, and motivational quotes to increase your chances of success.
nih-depression-information-appNIH Depression Information
NHI Depression Information includes: symptoms, causes, treatments, and information about related conditions like bipolar disorder. It also has a feature for finding the best help options for you or a loved one who is suffering from depression.
operation-reach-out-appOperation Reach Out
Operation Reach Out also comes with preloaded numbers to suicide prevention hotlines and several helpful videos.
Targeted to help those with anxiety and mood disorders and stress. Pacifica teaches deep breathing, behavioral exercises, excises and identifying cognitive distortions. It learns how to replace them with positive thinking patterns.
Pact has encourages users to put their money where their mouths are, and brings a financial incentive to healthy habits.
PaediaX is an unbiased android app for self updation in the field of Paediatrics through peer reviewed Journals. The reference alerts are from peer reviewed journals like:
Academic Pediatrics, Acta Paediatrica, Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology etc.
pe-coach-appPE Coach
PE Coach is designed for individuals with PTSD, specifically those working with a therapist using prolonged exposure (PE) treatment.
pediatric-neonatal-perinatal-appPediatric Neonatal Perinatal
Pediatric Neonatal Perinatal helps you to identify and correct gaps in your knowledge. It does this by providing high quality, peer-reviewed, educationally sound questions with explanations written by leading educators.
The mission of Perined is to improve the quality of health care by giving insight into the perinatal care process and outcomes.
positiv-avtivity-jackpot-appPositive Activity Jackpot
The Positive Activity Jackpot helps you break free of an introverted inclination and offers suggestions for nearby activities.
positive-thinking-appPositive Thinking
Positive Thinking is an app that provides a collection of motivations quotes to help you keep your mind on positive things rather than worries and stress.
Previdence is an assessment tool that allows users to check for symptoms of depression, anxiety, relationship issues, drug and alcohol issues, and other problems. It also makes recommendations for action.
ptsd-coach-appPTSD Coach
Of PTSD Coach can store contacts for personal support, locate nearby treatment programs, and contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline quickly in emergencies.
rcpsych-mental-health-appRCPsych Mental Health App
Provides links to relevant videos and podcasts and links to the Royal College Website. Users can find further information about mental health disorders there.
reach-out-breathe-appReachOut Breathe
This interactive app by ReachOut uses simple visuals to guide you through some slow, deep breaths. It also lets you measure your heart rate, so you can check your baseline and how you’re going throughout the day.
relax-melodies-appRelax Melodies
Relax Melodies is a relaxation and sleep app that allows you to select sounds and melodies that you like and combine them to create a mix.
SAM:self-help-anxiety-management-appSAM: Self-help for Anxiety Management
SAM helps you to understand and manage anxiety and what causes your anxiety. It helps you to monitor your anxious thoughts and behaviour over time and manage your anxiety through self-help exercises and private reflection.
secret-of-happiness-appSecret of Happiness
Secret of Happiness is designed to give you a regular schedule of positive thinking as a way to train your brain to think more on the bright side.
sleep-cycle-appSleep Cycle
Sleep Cycle analyses your sleep to determine when you are in deep sleep or light sleep. It wakes you up when you will be least prone to feeling tired, and most prone to feeling well rested.
smiling-mind-appSmiling Mind
Smiling Mind is designed to teach you the value of guided meditation. The app features several free meditation programs, suitable for various ages they’re appropriate for, with sessions appropriate for those younger than seven years old up to adulthood.
Stay AliveStay Alive
Pocket Suicide Prevention resource packed full of info for staying safe
Stress and anxiety companionStress and Anxiety Companion
Tools to help manage anxious feelings and identify their triggers
t2-mood-tracker-appT2 Mood Tracker
T2 Mood Tracker helps individuals track their emotional states and how they change over time for personal insight and accurate reporting to a mental health professional.
talkspace-counseling-therapy-appTalkspace Counseling & Therapy
Talkspace Counselling & Therapy allows you to text directly with a trained professional as often as you need.
the-happy-appThe Happy App
The Happy app reminds you about things that go well, ensuring that you stay positive and get on top of things.
Wellmind is a free NHS mental health and wellbeing app designed to help you with stress, anxiety and depression. The app includes advice, tips and tools to improve your mental health and boost your wellbeing
whats-up-appWhat` s up ?
What's up utilises some of the best methods to help you cope with Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Stress and more.
whatsmym3-appWhat`s my M3
What's my M3 is targeted to help individuals rate various symptoms of mood disorders to determine the impact it may have on their functioning.
WorryWhatch provides simple self-monitoring and documenting of worry within a pre-fixed menu. It also has a graphical tool that charts the worry entries by various factors.